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Kristen and Bryan’s Winter Wonderland Engagement Session

This session was complete with our own reindeer. Ok so maybe that is stretching the truth. We do love our wild life  in Northern Minnesota, but our deer stay on the ground. Still it was great to be at Enger Park one of my favorite Duluth parks with Kristen and Bryan and see the deer
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Dan and Brenda’s Woodland Wedding

Spring will come! It really is a Minnesota tradition to start out a conversation about the weather. That is what everyone was talking about last year on this beautiful 75 degree day in May. The reason everyone was so thrilled was because the weather was perfect for Dan and Brenda’s Willow River Wedding. You wouldn’t
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Ted did figure it out – time travel.

You see? It’s curious. Ted did figure it out – time travel. And when we get back, we gonna tell everyone. How it’s possible, how it’s done, what the dangers are. But then why fifty years in the future when the spacecraft encounters a black hole does the computer call it an ‘unknown entry event’?
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Slide Show of Joe and Maureen’s Wedding Album

Bird Photography will be offering a new line of albums this coming year! Super excited about the Finao Online, LLC line and all of the their fabulous options. You can check out an example of the Simple Elegance Album Design posted here! This is a very clean design and one of my favorites.

Joe + Susie= {{{{{{{LOVE}}}}}}}}

Posting another e-session from Jay Cook State Park. I must be nostalgic for those warm fall days! Also, this new blog is so fun to use!! I hope you enjoy the warm weather posts in between some new winter sessions and weddings! Joe and Susie are such a sweet couple that have been incredibly fun
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2013 Blackbird Photography Up